Short Bio

Dirty Grace produces a playful mix of folk fusion ranging from the provocatively cheeky
to the intimately introspective. Three-part harmonies swell under contagious melodies,
offering a soulful soundtrack for the time we’re living in.

Long Bio

Dirty Grace is a trio of songwriters who formed in 2007 on traditional Coast Salish territories (Victoria, BC). The band produces a playful mix of music ranging from the provocatively cheeky to the intimately introspective, while exploring music’s ability to expose, shake-down, tickle and act as an energetic vehicle for healing. Deep, moving, sassy and swooning three-part harmonies, swelling under contagious melodies characterize the Dirty Grace sound. With musical flavors ranging from folk, swing, tribal indie-pop to alternative hip hop influenced rhythms, Dirty Grace offers up a soulful soundtrack for the lives we’re living.

After three cross-Canada tours, a few meditation retreats and a couple deep dives into clown school the band continues to develop its live show into an interactive, honest experience that works just as well for a small crowd at a house concert or café, as it does at a large club or festival.

In summer of 2012, Dirty Grace released its first EP, “Snow Into Fire,” supported by an
overwhelmingly well-received tour from the east to the west of Canada. In the summers of 2013 and 2014 the band toured such festivals as Campbell Bay, Harrison Hot Springs, Whistler Children’s Fest, Bella Coola, Kispiox Valley, Arts Wells, Music on the Mountain, Arts on the Fly, Surrey Fusion Fest, Quadrapalooza, Robson Valley.  The response from the audiences there filled the band with inspiration, gratitude and a clarity as to which direction to take their offerings.  Dirty Grace released their first full-length album “Coals and Crows” in Spring 2015, supported by a full cross-Canada tour.  That album is now available on the “Music” page.

This project is about calling in the sacred silly’s truest heart song. These clowns will flash their most intimate bits to a thousand strangers and relish in the huge diversity of response they receive. They’re an intentional action of a seriously ridiculous and radicalized nature. Authentic expression, divine communication and true connection with the audience is the goal.


To hone in the energy of the set, Dirty Grace offers an intentionally crafted mix, or  2 options of performance,depending on the venue, intention of the show, audience and desires of the producers,

“Coals” set:  Lively.  Dancy.  Upbeat.

“Crows” Set:  Mellow.  Emotional.  Moving


Betty Supple – vocals, mandolin, guitar, beat boxing
Marley Daemon – vocals, piano, accordion, beat boxing
Jesse Thom – vocals, percussion, guitar

(plus upright bass and occasionally tenor sax and banjo!)